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How to become Android Smartphone developer

Become an Android Smartphone developer go to settings –> then device info –> then software version –> click above 7 times –> now you are a developer Now you can edit various options of your...

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SEE EVERYTHING OF YOUR SMARTPHONE ON THE PC     1. Go to the Appmia website via Pc 2. Register and create an account 3. Then register the cell phone you want to spy on the site 4. In the cell phone settings give free access to external applications 5. Go to the website via mobile phone to download the app 6. Install the app and complete all the required steps (the app will become invisible after...

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CHEAT ENGINE for Android

How to apply cheating with android games Install the app apk and open Cheat Engine Open your favourite Game. Find the game process in ProcessPicker list (App list) Open the process Search the value of the voice you want to change in the game Select the type of search to be performed based on the value byte enter the value of the item you want to change click SCAN open the game and perform an operation that changes the value of the...

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