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How to make $ 50,000 without doing anything!


There are tens, hundreds of online methods that promise to make money without moving a finger, but do they work? Some yes!

Let’s see …

We assume that to make money online cases you need to be familiar with the internet and social networks. We must therefore not be ignorant on the subject.


Important after having thrown down the idea that seems best is to create advertising and then create a large advertising campaign … will have a very low cost but that allows us a great yield to reach as many people as possible.


Now here I’ll explain one of the best methods that allow you to make money immediately and reach a capital of over 50,000 $ in a year.


This is not a method to earn high figures right away, but we start from a low profit .. about 20 $ to reach over 50 thousand $ after about a year or less.


A person who reads an article like this generally wants to make money online without investing practically anything … if you recognize yourself then this guide is for you.

Warning! I do not want to sell you anything, but only explain to you through this article my experience and my knowledge in this field.


Selling what you know … this is the point of the situation!

We often see the E-Book on sale on the internet … here! This is what I refer to!


Creating an E-book is completely free! Write it through your Word program and turn it into PDF. The game is done!


Yes, but what to write to be interesting to the public?

Do you need to use your knowledge, are you interested in a particular and interesting field or do you have knowledge to build a useful guide in any area?

To achieve success it is also necessary that you carry out a certain advertising campaign.

Facebook and instagram offer interesting methods to reach many people and make them interact with your site or your Facebook or Instagram page …

With only 1 euro per day you could even reach 2000 people.


Let’s say we sell our guide for 2 $ a digital copy …

If over 2000 people reached … at least 0.50% buy means that you have sold around

10 E-Book -> 10 x 2 $ = 20 $ per day cleaned.

Going forward with time you can invest 5 $ a day in advertising … that will allow you to reach over 15,000 people

75 E-Book -> 75 x 2 $ = 150 $ per day cleaned. 150 $ x 365 = 54.750 $ in a year.



Infondo is just a matter of trying! … It costs nothing and it only takes a pinch of ingenuity.


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